Welcome to PCFC

Interested in finance? The Princeton Corporate Finance Club (PCFC) allows students to learn about finance and finance related careers, and is a great place for students to meet like-minded peers as well as professionals in the field. As a member, you will be given access to a variety of empowering resources which help both to educate you on fields like investment banking, private equity, and venture capital, and to give you an edge in landing a job at the firm of your choice. PCFC has established a network of professionals in these fields that members will be able to be mentored by, and all members receive a weekly newsletter of global financial events. Members also get updated on the workshops and speakers we host from the financial world.


Our Mission

The mission of PCFC is to serve as an educational and networking platform for students interested in investment banking, private equity, venture capital and the field of corporate finance at large. Any student interested in finance will find the resources members of PCFC are given access to be exceedingly valuable. Firstly, learning about these careers allows a student to understand the possibilities for their future and determine what path appeals to them most. Secondly, members of PCFC gain valuable knowledge and connections that empower them to achieve their personal and career goals.

Our Team

The officers of PCFC devote their efforts to ensuring that the members of the club gain knowledge of financial markets and careers. The various Industry Insights teams are constantly researching market updates so that members of PCFC can stay up to date with all financial news they may need to know for their interviews, and the Education and Mentorship teams are constantly looking for professionals to be mentors and to speak on campus. The rest of the officers support the club’s operations, through maintaining the website, reaching out to students, and scheduling club events.


 Any undergraduate student at Princeton University may become a member of the Princeton Corporate Finance Club. Simply register an account on this website with your valid Princeton email address, and you will be automatically given our weekly newsletter as well as access to any members only information on our website. You will also receive emails about upcoming club events, including speakers, workshops, and networking events.